Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We had such a fun, relaxing 4 day weekend camping in Ithaca. When we arrived, it was cloudy and drizzling a bit. We set up our tent and decided to head towards Seneca Lake. We always buy wine from Wagner Winery because their wine tastes good and it's the best deal within the 2 lakes! The sun broke through!

For dinner, we ate at Greek Peak Resort. It reminded us of the Wilderness Lodge in Disney.

Thank goodness we had a restaurant.com gift certificate. PJ ordered the Braised Venison Pot Pie ($18.95). They came back to say that the pastry for the top "wasn't working and would he mind a biscuit topping instead". He agreed but said that the pastry was what he wanted the most! Our food arrived. His looked like dog food and the biscuit was one biscuit on the side, not on top! He said it was pretty flavorless also.
I ordered the Portobello & Spinach stack with Goat Cheese and a Smoked Tomato and Red Pepper Coulis ($14.95). Well, it was pretty but also pretty small! It was about 2" tall and 2" wide! THAT was the dinner! It tasted ok but honestly, it should have been an appetizer not a dinner! If we were there and had to pay full price, I would have been really mad!

Now that the sun came out, we had to go to Sunset Park and check out the somewhat cloudy sunset over Cayuga Lake. It started to get really cold!It must have gone down to the upper 40's. We were FREEZING!
We decided to take a ride to see our property. It was really foggy!

I love how the weeds are different for every season. Now the golden flowers of the Golden Rod were all over! Pretty!

As we were taking pictures, a pickup truck stopped and the man asked if we were interested in the land. We said that we were the owners. We got to chatting. Him and his wife bought 2 lots on the other side of the hill that's at the top of ours. They are Barry and Midge. They invited us to come look at their house. It's nearing completion. It's a ROUNDHOUSE! I've never been in one before. I'm glad I got the chance. I'd never want one. It was really weird but interesting at the same time. The rooms are all small because of the curves. Standing on the deck was nice though. They have a beautiful view. Barry is a lawyer in PA yet they're from NJ.

They told us of their 2 neighbors, Kathleen on one side and a couple, the Duncan's, on the other side. He is also a lawyer and a photographer on the side. They have a driveway and a great big hole, the makings of a pond. With the fog, it was like looking at a landing site of a space ship!We really enjoyed chatting with them. We exchanged addresses and will keep in touch.
Later on we went to lunch at Viva Taqueria. We got our usuals... the Super Smothered Burritos, mine with Tomatillo Sauce and PJ's with Ranchero Sauce. YUM! We sat outside even though it was still pretty cold out.
For dinner, we grilled chicken, corn potatoes with onions and Portobello mushrooms. .. A meal fit for a King and Queen!
On Sunday we went to a festival at Six Mile Creek. We got a bottle of wine and sat and listened to a really bad duo that sang folk type music. This is the first time we were at the bottom of the big hill. We're always on the deck overlooking the vineyards and the wedding pavilion.
Back to Sunset Park!

It went down to 42 degrees! Holy cow that was a cold night! I think I shivered the whole night! When we got up there was frost on the field across from our site.We had a really fun time with lots of laughs. I have to remember PJ and his "what the heck is Huffice Cream? I've never heard of that". He was very confused until we got closer to the truck... it was Huff Ice Cream! Sounds stupid now but was very funny when it happened. It's just the Zukowski way like Ben Jamin, Rec Liner etc.

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