Friday, August 27, 2010

Aug 21st
Alyssa bought Scott Ladderball (she calls it Redneck Golf) for his birthday. It was time for the Zukowski challenge to begin! Alyssa and Scott were setting it up in the yard and Huck kept looking out the window meowing for them. He's an indoor cat but Alyssa decided to take him out with his harness on. She did that only once before and he went nuts! We were in the process of rebuilding the back wall so there were piles of dirt, wood and plants everywhere. He loved the dirt pile. After about 3 seconds of that, Alyssa realized that somehow the harness was almost off of him, slipping over his body even thought it was tight. Huck had to go back in the house.
It was PJ and I against Scott and Alyssa. PJ didn't get any points and I got 2. Alyssa got I think 4 and Scott got about 20!

Huck was watching us from the window.
We started getting eaten alive by mosquitoes so in we went. It was a lot of fun though.


  1. Happy belated birthday Scott!

    About 5 or so years ago when we first saw the ladderball game at a campground, that year Troy made all our family members one for Christmas. It has become one of our favorite game. We even have a set in our trailer for when we go camping.

    I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend!

  2. That's where we saw it first also! Those little kids that we saw doing it were a heck of a lot better than we were!!!

  3. My friends have that ladder ball game but they call it "Testicle Toss". Bwahaha..

    GeorgineVJ from TwoPeas