Friday, August 27, 2010

Is It Time To Hang It Up?

Last night was PJ's Over 40 All Star softball game. It started off on the right foot (pun intended) but didn't quite come off that way.
The announcer of the game was Mr Bo.... from our High School. He was the pitcher for the over 50 team which game just ended. It was fun to see him again.
PJ's first up at bat he hurt his foot running to first base! To make it worse, the other team got a double play off of that hit! He was laughing though, probably out of embarrassment! He didn't take the field until the 3rd inning.
The ball came to him...he stretched out to get it.... the ball tipped his glove and boom! Down he went! He pulled his hamstring! That was it for his contribution to the All Star team! We left in the 6th inning and our team was winning 22-2.

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