Saturday, August 7, 2010

I finally picked out what to get with the $70 CSN STORES Gift Certificate that I won from The Thrifty Groove.
It was really tough but I managed to choose:
1. 12 x 9.5 Rectangle baking dish
2. 10.5 x 7 Baking Dish
3. 7 x 5 Baking Dish
4. a Spatula

They are all Le Creuset. I decided to go with this brand because I'd never buy any of their products for myself because they're very expensive. I do know that their products are top notch as far as quality goes. It was so much fun to have a shopping spree just for MYSELF!!!
Thank you Thrifty Groove!

1 comment:

  1. Great selection of stuff. I love kitchen tools - hope you enjoy them! Funny - I never spend money on myself either... I think it is a woman thing - or maybe a mom thing ;-)