Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 19th

I went Letterboxing today with Judy. It was her first time so we decided to start with an easy find right here in town at Twin Lakes. It was a lot of fun prancing through the woods looking for clues to find a box. We found the first one and as we're opening it up and giggling like little girls, we heard a noise. All of a sudden we look up an a guy flies by us on his bike and Judy said "Oh SH*T". I said "who was that"? because he looked so familiar. It was Hope's husband! What must he think of 2 women, in the woods, giggling, holding a box, a rubber stamp and ink? It was really funny. Maybe he didn't recognize us!
Next we went to Valley Stream State Park for a set of 12 letterboxes. We started wrong because we came in the wrong entrance. We couldn't find the Yellow Trail. After we found that, an hour later, we couldn't find trail # 2 within the yellow trail. I think the only one that we found was the 9th one. That was an interesting one though. It had a 'hitchhiker' in it! That was pretty exciting because now I get to place that hitchhiker in someone else's letterbox. This way the hitchhiker gets to travel all over the world! We read the log book noting that the hitchhiker has been to quite a few states already. We took the stamp and packed up everything else and hid the box for the next person. After I got home I realized that I was supposed to take that log book to be with the hitchhiker stamp. The letterbox didn't have it's own logbook. So that meant that I had to drive all the way back there again! This time I took Scott with me. We got the log book and found another letterbox that we had missed.
On our way out I pointed across the street to show Scott another park, Hendrickson Park. It looked really pretty. We decided to go for a walk.
There's a jogging/bike path that goes around the park on each side of the water.
At the far end there's a tennis court, handball courts, mini golf and a HUGE pool complex. This picture is only a very small part of it. There was a kids pool, a middle size pool, a HUGE other pool, a water park type of area etc. It was sooo nice. You have to be a resident to the Village of V.S to be able to use it though. We were so impressed.
Looking up the water feature, it reminded us of looking at the Washington Monument in Washington, DC.

While we were walking PJ called Scott's cell phone to find out what he's supposed to start for dinner. I didn't realize the time... it was already almost 6:00. Now it was time to battle L.I. traffic! What a fun, exhausting day!

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