Monday, August 30, 2010

This past Saturday PJ and I went to Atlantic Beach for the Annual Cornell Friends Reunion at Stewart and Lisa's beach house. We had such a nice time chatting, laughing, catching up, laughing and did I say laughing?
PJ and Stewart chatting:
Hana playing with PJ's hand. Gabe looking on:
Lisa and Ellen:
PJ, Stewart and Phil enjoying the crisp water:
Bottom left going around: PJ, Me, Vinny, Jocelyn, Lisa, Ellen and Phil
Bottom left and around: Phil, Danny, Hana, Lynne and Gabe
We went back to the house for appetizers and drinks. Gabe wouldn't leave Laura and her boyfriend Miguel alone... for even a second! He would pop up everywhere! While he was doing that, Hana was over at the vegetable garden, picking the tomatoes while their parents were WATCHING and both remained silent! It really took a lot of control for the rest of us to keep our mouths shut. Gabe even rode his matchbox cars across Vinny's glasses that he was wearing!! Wait 'till those kids are teenagers!!!
We came in for dinner after we started getting eaten alive by mosquito's. We had a nice dinner. Stewart brought out his laptop and started showing us pics of everyone (except Ellen and I because we're the only 2 people that didn't go to Cornell). It was so funny to see everyone from back in the '70... long hair, wrinkled clothes, parties etc. NOW all of the stories started coming out! Very funny!
Back left: Lisa, Stewart (our host's), Phil, me, PJ, Vinny, Ellen, Lynne then middle front is Danny and front left is Jocelyn.

We had such a nice day. It was so good to see PJ laugh like he was back in college. GOOD TIMES!!

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