Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yesterday was a fun day at the beach with the gals. Hurricane Danielle is passing by in the Atlantic and causing really bad undertows. We were very surprised that the water was like a sheet of glass.... very calm. A lady heard our comments and said "just wait".
Out of the blue, a few waves showed up and then went back to being calm. It was so strange because like 5 minutes would go by without a wave and then WHAM-O... you're pounded! Some of the waves were like 10' high and would even double over the one in front of it and then back to calm. At one point people started running when they saw the size of what was coming, including me! I happened to mention... tsunami! No kidding!!! Kris had to help people (while the rest of us stood in amazement) that were standing in ankle deep water that were pulled down and couldn't get up!

We were at field 6. For a Monday morning (we got there at 9:30), it was pretty crowded.
The people in front of us had their kids dig a trench to keep the water away from them. As soon as they left, we all jumped up and move our chairs! We claimed it as our own!
We had a fun day of catching up. I'll be back again today.

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  1. Those undertows can be dangerous.
    Love the trench idea, I like that you nabbed it even more teehee.